About NACH

Nicole Chirino

Founder - Director

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Nicole Chirino is a management consultant, specialized in change management. She supports management teams by triggering their creativity to approach their business strategies from a different angle. Nicole works together with clients from the public sector, private sector and NGO’s alike to help them develop their strategy and structure their organisation to achieve their goals. Prior to establishing NACH in 2017, Nicole was a Senior Manager at KPMG Dutch Caribbean, before joining KPMG in 2008 Nicole worked as a Deputy Secretary for the Island Government of Bonaire and before that she worked at the European headquarters of Whirlpool in Italy; the biggest home appliances producer in the world. 

Nicole has consulted the Governments of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Sint Maarten and Suriname. Involved in the blueprint development of the new countries Curacao and Sint Maarten and the municipality of Bonaire. She has acted as a change manager and interim director for the island Government of Bonaire, has been part of the redevelopment project for the Schottegat area on Curaçao, bank mergers and reorganization of semipublic entities in Surinam, development of a Green Economic Model, waste management processes, infrastructural projects and biodiversity management projects on Bonaire. 

Most importantly, Nicole provides the knowledge and tools to her clients to help them define their vision, create awareness and mindfulness of this vision, build relationships and enhance the internal and external collaboration between stakeholders. Creating a common ground, being responsible, taking ownership, inspire and motivate the workforce, empower the individuals so that they can discover their own purpose and place within the organization. 

Nicole lives on Curaçao and spends much of her working hours on the various islands of the Dutch Caribbean and Surinam. In her spare time she loves to travel the world to get acquainted with the various countries, cultures, way of living and traditions of the people.